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What is SQL Database?

All About SQL Database 

SQL is a database language which is an acronym of the Structure query language. SQL is a relational database that is used to manage data efficiently. Data is stored in SQL in rows and columns. It is a widely used database in the back end nowadays. SQL was designed by Donald D Chamberlin & Raymond F Boyce.

SQL can hold each and every data type consisting of numeric digits, alphanumeric digits, alphabets, ASCII characters, string, and binary data. You can perform various operations such as Table Creation, deletion, fetching data, and manipulating values.

Introduction to SQL

Uses of SQL

SQL is one of the best database languages for all DBMS(DataBase management systems). It was designed to handle back-end data in a systematic way.

  1.  SQL is used to create a database to store data in tables.
  2. We can easily modify and update data in the database using SQL.
  3.  We can retrieve our previous data using SQL from the database.
  4.  SQL provides a wide range of datatype to store in it.
  5. We can easily analyze data using various commands of SQL.
  6. Delete Records in the database using SQL.
  7. SQL Provides Integrity of data.
  8. We Can Join or connect two databases with each other using SQL.

 DBMS uses SQL as their Database language

there are various DBMS that uses SQL as their standard database language. These are the most commonly used RDBMS (Relational database management system) are as follows.

  • Informix
  • Sybase
  • Ingres
  • MS Access

SQL is the easiest database language that you can learn within a day. You don't need any programming language knowledge to learn SQL databases.

Types of SQL

the most commonly used SQL database types are as follows
  • DML - Data Manipulation Language
  • DDL - Data Definition Language
  • DQL - Data Query Language
  • TCL -  Transaction Control Language
  • DCL - Data Control Language

What is Database?

The database is a collection of well-organized data kept at any place for easy access and maintenance.
Example - Telephone directory, Student Database of a college, and product inventory.

Pre Requisite to learn SQL

1. Xamp/Wamp software
(SQL queries can also be performed on localhost.)

2. SQL Workbench

 Keywords in SQL

There are lots of SQL keywords to perform various operations on data some of the important keywords of SQL are as follows.

Keywords    Description
CREATE       Creates database
ADD      Adds column
ASC      Result in Ascending Order
DELETE      Deletes a row
FROM      Specifies a table
JOIN      Join tables
ORDER BY      Sort values in any order
SELECT      Select a row
WHERE      Specifies any condition
TABLE      Creates a table
COUNT      Count the result
MAX      Maximum value
MIN      Minimum Value
DROP      Delete a field
REVERSE      Reverse the string
ASCII      ASCII value
CONCAT      Add strings

These are the important keywords of SQL used to create the database. Learn SQL with us we will post the whole tutorial for SQL very soon. We will discuss advanced SQL in our further blogs.