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Spam WhatsApp using Python code

Spam Whatsapp using Python Code

Here in this article, you will learn how to spam WhatsApp using Python code. You can spam Whatsapp by using a simple few lines of codes and you can spam your friend's WhatsApp with thousands of unwanted messages. Actually, you can spam WhatsApp with an unlimited number of messages.

Follow the Step by Step way to spam Whatsapp groups.

1. Open Command Prompt on Your computer.
for windows click Ctrl+R and then Type CMD in the search box. You will redirect to the command prompt.

Spam WhatsApp using Python code

2. You have to Install some Python Modules in order to spam Whatsapp.

Type:      pip install pyautogui 

                                                                     in command prompt.

Then a module of pyautogui will install automatically.

Now Type: pip install times

then a Time Module will download to your Pc.

3. Open Your IDE(Integrated development environment). Whichever You use. 
If You are using Pycham IDE then You can perform the previous step in the Terminal of Pycham IDE.

4. Now Just Type the below code step by step.

import pyautogui
import webbrowser as wb
import time
for i in range(10):
    pyautogui.press("hii bro How are You ?")

5. Now You will Redirect To Your Default web browser and Whatsapp.com Will open in it.
6.Now Just Scan Your WhatsApp at the WhatsApp web. and log in to Your Whatsapp. 
7.Now click On the contact or Group which You want to spam 

Now You will see that your targeted group or contact will start spamming with lots of words.

I have given the loop run 10 times. You can give it any number of times as you wish.

Note - This Information is for Educational purpose