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Online QR Code Generator

QR Generator


QR codes are a sort of 2D barcode that is widely used.  QR codes may hold up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters of data. QR Code is an optical label that can include information about the item to which it is affixed and can be read by machines.

What are Items that we Can Store?

  • URL
  • Contact Information
  • Telephone Number
  • Any Other Text

Root URL: https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?

URL ParameterRequired or OptionalDescription
cht=txRequiredSpecifies that this is a formula-type image.
chl=<data>RequiredThe formula to render, in the TeX language. You must URL-encode the formula; see below for details.
chs=<width>x<height>OptionalImage size, in pixels. If you don't specify this, the size will be calculated automatically. If you specify a single value, it will be the height, and the width will be calculated for you.
chfOptionalAll background fill types supported. See Background Fills.
chcoOptionalSpecifies the text color. Default is black.

Create Your QR Code

Simply type your Content, URL, SMS, or vCard contact information. After Writing Your Content Click On Generate Button To generate the QR Code . 
To obtain the produced QR image, simply click the "Download" button your free QR Code will be downloaded in high resolution PNG Format.