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Best Book for Data Structure & Algorithms

Best Book of Data Structure and Algorithm 

Data Structures and algorithms are very crucial aspects of competitive programming. In order to master Data Structure and algorithms, you have to go through the best Books of data structure and algorithms. There are lots of algorithms for executing a program in competitive programming some of them are complex and some are simple. So to execute big problems of data structures and algorithms in a simple and obscure way we have to master various efficient algorithms and techniques.

Here is the list of Best books for data Structure and algorithms. Some of them are specific in any language and some are common for all programming language learners.

Best Book  for Data Structure & Algorithms

Best Book for Data Structure and Algorithms 

Here is the list of the most Curated books for DSA.

1. Introduction to Algorithm By Cormen


 This Book is one of the best books for data structure and algorithms. You can get in-depth knowledge of all the algorithms and computational processes. The author had tried his best to make the reader gain full fledge knowledge by using the pictorial representation of all algorithms for better u   understanding. You will get an approach to solve any question. This book is beneficial for all programming language readers.


2. Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy - Narasimha Karumanchi

This book contains lots of advanced level questions on data structure and algorithms. this book is best for brushing up your programming skills. You might get various approaches to solve any programming question. Students of all programming languages can buy this book. You can learn all fundamentals of Data Structure with this book.

3.  Grokking Algorithms

You can learn tricky algorithms from its brute force approach to advanced level approaches in a simple way. This Book covers all crucial algorithm that is commonly used in competitive programming. This book had explained sorting searching and many others topics in a very easy and reader-friendly manner. You will easily learn to tackle advanced problems in Data structure and algorithms.

4.  Algorithms in a Nutshell

This book gives an appropriate approach to all algorithms in a Nutshell. This book will enhance the performance of your solution with its curated approach. You will get the implementation of all algorithms in every language (c,c++ java and python). You can learn Advanced data structure with this book. You can get the best solution that depends on time complexities and occupying memory space.

5.  Algorithms By Robert Sedgewick

This is the most widely used book in universities all over the world. You can explore various algorithms on sorting, graph, tree, searching, and various other types of data structures and their algorithms. You can see the MOOC related to Book on their website algs4.cs.princeton.edu Their codes are easy to understand and in implementation.

                         These are the books that are very important for learning Data structure and algorithms in 2021. The best algorithm increases the efficiency of the program and makes it less complex. so Juist Buy one of them and start your DSA Journey.