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best websites for competitive programming in 2022

You can improve your coding skill much better by solving the coding challenges of various coding websites. You will get a clear idea about your weak concepts and strong concepts. You will get a rank on the basis of your performance in coding challenges.

 You can get off-campus placement and internship offers on the basis of your rank on various coding challenge websites. You can learn new algorithms by solving good-quality questions of various programming languages. You can practice for interview questions of various tech giants such as google Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, and adobe, which offer a decent salary to their employees. 

List of Best Coding challenge websites.

Here is the complete list of the best websites for the coding challenges.

1.  CodeChef 

Popular websites for competitive programming in 2021

It is one of the popular websites for competitive programming where you will get plenty of questions to do practice and can enhance your knowledge with its courses. CodeChef launches various coding competitions where you can earn awards if you were able to do your best.
If you are a beginner in programming then you can start with CodeChef. 
You can host your own content with your family and friends.

2. HackerRank

Popular websites for competitive programming in 2021

It is the most popular competitive coding website. Various Big companies hire their coders directly from it. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Goldman Sachs, Stripe, and Google use HackerRank in the selection process of coder for interview round. You can participate in contests that are conducted regularly.
You can learn by buying their courses you will get a certificate also on the completion of your course.

3. CodeWars

Popular websites for competitive programming in 2021

This is a good platform for competitive programming but if you are a beginner in programming you may feel completely lost at Codewars. So it is recommended that boost up your fundamentals and then you can practice some high-quality competitive programming questions at Codewars. You can buy a subscription to Codewars and can learn good concepts of programming languages. software developers and coders train on challenges known as 'Kata'. If you are good at programming then you can teach at Codewars.

4. LeetCode

Popular websites for competitive programming in 2021

It is the website where a large number of software developers practice coding challenges. You can prepare for technical interviews from here with its coding challenges. It is the best website for technical interview preparation.
companies like Flipkart, Pinterest, Uber, Bank of America, Jet, Cisco, and stripe hire software developers from Leetcode. You will get a complete guide for cracking technical interviews of tech companies.

5. Project Euler

Popular websites for competitive programming in 2021

It is the website where you can practice some challenging programming and mathematical problems. You will get problems from moderate to a high level. You can discuss your problems with top coders also. You will definitely expose to new concepts after solving each and every question at Project Euler.

6. GeeksforGeek

Popular websites for competitive programming in 2021

It is the website where you can clear your all doubts related to any programming language and can learn various concepts of coding and competitive programming. it provides a wide variety of questions for competitive programming. You can practice in any of your preferred programming languages here.

Popular Competitive coding competitions are as follow :

  • Google Summer of Code (GSOC) is conducted By Google, two times a year.
  • Google CodeJam is conducted by google per year.
  • TCS Codevita conducted by TCS.
  • Facebook HackerCup is held by Facebook per year.
  • ACM-ICPC - International Collegiate programming contest held annually among the top universities of the world.

These are the website where you can practice competitive coding free of cost. They provide an exam-like environment for the coders. Just practice plenty of good quality questions and get selected in the top MNCs.