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HTML Tutorial for beginners

 HTML is a Mark-Up language used to design the basic layout of any website. Almost every website that you ever used is an HTML website. This is most widely used for making basic HTML templates and designs for websites. You can see the HTML code of any website by pressing  Ctrl+U  on your browser. If you are a beginner in web development then you can start your web development journey with HTML. You can easily Learn HTML with us in a simple and effective way.

HTML Tutorial for beginners

Best IDE for HTML

Here is the list of Best IDE for Web development.

  1. NotePad++
  2. Visual Studio
  3. Atom
  4. WebStorm
  5. Light Table
  6. CodeLobster
  7. RubyMine
  8. PhpStorm
  9. Komodo Edit
  10. Geany
So You can Download one of them to start practicing for Web development Projects. But for learning HTML you would require the following basic stuff:
  • Notepad/Notepad++
  • A Browser (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, or Google)

Basic Syntax of HTML

As HTML is not a case-sensitive language so you can write it in any case.

HTML Tutorial for beginners

This is the most basic Hello World Program in HTML. Let us understand all Its elements one by one. 
Every Tag is Opened is always closed in HTML.
i.e <TagOpen> </TagClose>

<!HTML DOCTYPE>  -  This is the first Tag of any HTML code.This is used to specify the version and type of HTML used for making the web page. This helps the browser to load the page properly. If you are not using <! HTML DOCTYPE>  then it means that you are forcing the browser to load that webpage. 

<HTML> -  HTML codes always starts and end with <HTML> and </HTML> tags. 

<TITLE>  - This is used to give a Title to your webpage. 

<HEAD>  - This Stores all Meta Tags of your HTML Document.

<BODY>  -  This tag contains all element of your HTML Document which will display in your browser.

   <H>      - This is used to write Heading on your web content. You can customize size and color by styling it.

  <HR>   - This is used to draw Horizontal lines on Your web page.

   <P>      - This is used to write Content in a Paragraph on your webpage.

<IMG>  - This is used to embed any picture or image in your HTML website. 

  <A>     - Anchor Tag is used to embed any link on the web page.

   <B>    - This is used to make Text Bold.

  <U>    - This is used to make any text Underline.

  <I>     - This is used to make  Text Italic.

 <MARQUEE>    - This makes a scrolling text that can move either in a horizontal or vertical direction.

  <LI>     -   This is used to make any text of list type. You can make both ordered and unordered lists of various shapes and formats.

  <SUP>   - This adds superscript text (A2) to your HTML website.

  <SUB>    - This adds subscript (N2) text to your HTML website.

 <TABLE>   -  This is used to draw a Table in your HTML Document.

 <BUTTON>   - This is used to create a Button in your document you can customize its shape and size by using its various attributes.

 <AUDIO>   - This is used to embed sound or audio content on your page.

  <TR>    - Used to define a row of a Table.

 <CENTER>   - Used to align Text at the center of the document.

 <OUTPUT>   - Used to specify the output of any operation performed on the back-end.

 <CANVAS>   - This Tag is used to draw graphics on your web page. You can draw circles, line rectangles, and various other shapes.

 <FORM>    -  This is used to make a form to get the user's input.

           There are many other tags and attributes in HTML. we will discuss them in our further blogs. You can just start the basics of your HTML from the above Content.